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  • An incredibly inspiring memoir. Fasten your seatbelt! I really enjoyed this book, it challenged me in a lot of ways that I have not thought about before. Through her fascinating journey, Jacqui will make you laugh, cry, you really feel like you are there in her journey with her. This book is appropriate for all ages, I highly recommend it.

    Richman Bongani Mahlangu
    Richman Bongani Mahlangu Las Vegas, USA
  • A Must Read! The human spirit is incredible. Our ability to keep putting a foot forward no matter what, is unbelievable. This book is not just about our ability to keep moving, it is about the gift of love and living. Read it!

    A Mostert
    A Mostert USA
  • Life and Love Brave and brutally honest. Set aside some time. You’ll want to read this in one sitting. A journey of discovery. Life and love. Always good to start with self.

    Louise Kerby
    Louise Kerby Cape Town, South Africa
  • Authentic. This book is a treasure! A raw and honest account of disappointment, deceit and much heartache to an inspiring transformation of forgiveness and pure love. It’s a book you stay up late for as you can't put it down. Its Brilliant!

    Belinda Dunger
    Belinda Dunger Shaftsbury, United Kingdom
  • Brilliant! I could not put this book down. What a read!

    Mrs N Price
    Mrs N Price United Kingdom
  • It’s Jacqui’s engagingly frank voice and fierce self-enquiry that drives this fast-paced gripping tale through all its spirited twists and turns.

    Nina Geraghty
    Nina Geraghty South Africa
  • On one level, this is a tale of looking for love in all the wrong places, but on a deeper level, it’s a story of how adversity, viewed through the lens of insight and wisdom, leads to hope and redemption. It’s a tumultuous, terrifying, frustrating but finally redemptive journey, as Jacqui struggles to uncover the heroine within. The miracle is that she comes out the other side alive - and willing to use her life story to inspire others to survive and flourish.

    Giles Griffin
    Giles Griffin South Africa
  • This book has captivated me and is a page turner. I couldn't be more proud of Jacqui and her courage to write this memoir of her life.

    Sue Peterson
    Sue Peterson Toronto, Canada

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