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Note from author: I choose to share stories from my point of view on my personal life, both happy and sad, as an educational tool for readers also wanting to live a life of joy, free from the suffering of shame, guilt and blame of their life stories. I ask that no judgments be placed on any individuals that I might refer to. As spirits of Love they too are figuring their way in the world and I see them as no different from me or any of us. By opening to this truth I have found ease to live in full presence of myself, without having to suppress or deny any part of my truth. In fully loving and accepting myself for all of my perfect imperfections, I have opened to unconditional love for all others, while navigating my human likes or dislikes.

For me, real life stories make what I am teaching authentic and real. At times I will change the names of the individuals in my stories due to their individual spiritual growth. In many instances, my readers are struggling with similar situations and scenarios. I firmly believe that I am here to learn what I teach and teach what I learn.

Warm love and regards


Note on the content of my work

While I love attending various spiritual teachings in Churches, Temples, Synagogues, Universities and other institutions that don’t discriminate or judge the teachings of another, please note that my writings are non denominational as I am of the belief that access to a spiritual life and a connection with God / Love / Universe / Source, call it what you will, is available to all and does not require a single or specific dogma. When I refer to or quote the work of any of the many great spiritual teachers, I do not advocate the teachings of one above the other; at the same time I comfortably and openly have my favorites.