I Dare to Ask My Country

I do this for my country
I do this for the cause.

I walk through their suburbs
and notice their high walls.

Mr Zuma and the Gupta’s
what are you hiding from.

Without Madiba’s calling
who will sing our African song.

I travel through the country
note the squalor and decay.

How did this new democracy
fall into disarray.

I Dare to Ask my country
Mandela struggled for our cause.

Is this the dream he suffered for
a tyranny of flaws.

Copyright© Jacqui Burnett 2014

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As a Spiritual Revolutionary, Jacqui Burnett Dares you to reboot your Spirit, to awaken your body, mind and soul, to Be Love in all that you Believe, Think, Say and Do.

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    I’m kinda feeling this, re Our Beautiful / Country / Land of South Africa.
    Awesome place to live as far as I am concerned.
    I’ve lost almost my entire family to the overseas treasures…etc…Faaar far away!
    Horrible being on my lonesome…. BUT AWESOME FRIEND(s) FOLK KEEP ME Alive and in a LIFE.
    I ADORE MY family…lives they need to abide in and with lots of love to all my FB friends
    Many good people around me…thank you.

    Lot so love, smiling as I always endeavour to do.
    Thanks Jacqui Burnett…So Well spoken
    Many thanks
    Vandra Dugmore. Xxxxxxx

    • Jacqui Burnett

      Hi Vandra, thank you for your kind and loving words.
      Strength to you. Stay with love and you will flourish in all that you do, and all lives that you touch.
      Warm love and regards

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