How to CONNECT with all Others: Part 4 of 4

As we approach the end of a year, we’re often called to reflect on all that we have experienced during the year. For those of you who have taken this daring journey of questioning your beliefs and opening to Love with me, I hope you are feeling inspired (in Spirit) and full of gratitude for the courage of your Spirit.

I know I do.

I recently received a post from someone dear to me that I had not seen before. It read,

“Buddha was not a Buddhist. Jesus was not a Christian. Muhammad was not a Muslim. They were teachers who taught love. Love was their religion.”

The person who sent it said it reminded him of what I talk about all the time. He has expressed how he personally struggles with my deep love for all others, even those who have hurt me deeply, hurt someone dear to me or strangers who have caused war or committed acts of atrocity.

I have felt this love for all others since birth, and yet, of course, there are times when I disconnect and get stuck in my human pain story. But I also know I can integrate and reconnect with this love. I have learned that to be this connected, I need the presence of mind that is daringly curious about the human condition. When I’m this connected, I cannot exclude love for anyone. I believe, when examining the source teachings of Jesus, Buddha and Mohammad, that it is through the grace of complete surrender to Love that we are united with God / Universe, Universal Wisdom and each other.

We are all born pure in Spirit. Each one of us comes to this world connected to love and only learns to disconnect due to societal and parental narratives. As we take on these limiting human beliefs, we become divided from our integrated Self (Spirit) and others. What the teachings of Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed bring to the surface is our fundamental desire to return to this love and live in a world of peace.

While all their teachings resonate with me, this is where the teaching of Jesus speaks the loudest to me, in that the Kingdom of God is coming, where there will be no more injustice, suffering, or evil, a world in which all people will be on an equal footing.

We alone, as human beings that overly identify with our unhealthy ego, have created this human divide based on unkind, judgmental, dogmatic, secular, exclusive, egotistical and fear based beliefs formalized in ‘institutions,’ not Jesus, Buddha or Mohammed. While I am not condemning any form of institution (see note on content of my work below), I confess only that when courageous and silent enough to listen to the message God / the Universe gives me, it is to study the source of all these teachings, and love beyond my limiting human beliefs so that I can be open to the wisdom that peace amongst all human beings resides within each of us, in this courageous space of Love.

Sure, this is not always easy, especially in a world that educates us in mind and body and supports separation, conflict and war. Therefore, I personally have and encourage daily practices (rituals) that keep us grounded with Kindness and connected with Love.

I accept that many people who care for me nevertheless do not support or understand this belief system of mine. While they may hold their beliefs as being superior to mine or others, I know only that I have no internal or external conflict with them, as I once believed the same.

While I don’t believe my belief system to be superior to theirs, neither do I feel mine to be inferior. Without judgment, the only assessment that I can make is that my belief system includes everyone, remains curious and accepts that in itself, it is a limiting human belief.

I admit I have gone through an inordinate amount of fear and pain to shed my old egotistical, exclusive, limiting and unkind beliefs. In the process, I’ve had to let go of the story line of being judged by others, excluded and ostracized.

But what I have gained from this journey is this:

  1. I am no longer a slave to my ego.
  2. While at times I still feel fear, judgements and therefore suffering, I know it is an illusion and when I connect to Love they dissolve.
  3. I can love and accept myself.
  4. I can love and accept all others.
  5. I no longer fear my triggers; therefore, I can make space for anyone.

And in this process, I can open to all others with love and know that I welcome all to dine at my table.

As I continue to study, practice and teach the religion of love, I will always have space for those that are open to Love and are courageous enough to transcend the triggers of their limiting human beliefs, be they rich and poor, slaves or free, men and women, the homophobic and all people of the whole spectrum of sexual orientation and color, or any version of how you might want to define yourself. When I am integrated in Spirit, I simply cannot be at one with limiting human beliefs which support exclusiveness, unkindness or judgments.

I have dared myself to get to this courageous space of kindness and even though I trip up along the way, I continue to dare myself to stay this connected.

I dare you to do the same as I believe that each one of us has access to our Spirit, our born to Soul nature that harbors love, kindness and all that is greater than us in the form of God / Universe / Universal Spirit / Universal Wisdom, call it what you may.

As humans, we alone create the disconnection between our Spirit, soul, mind and body. We alone identify with one or some parts of ourselves more than others and thus feed the unhealthy ego. And likewise, we alone can integrate and connect beyond our limiting human beliefs with Self and all others.

We alone can bring world peace by “Knowing Ourselves” in the face of Love.

I feel gratitude that this possibility exists for all of us. In closing I invite you to undertake your last Dare to Ask exercise.

Exercise 20 – Love for being human

Intended outcome of this exercise:

  1. To remind yourself that it is by being in a daring, courageous and curious state of mind, that fear falls away and you open to Love and bring forth kindness in all your thoughts, behaviors and spoken words.

Download your journal pages for exercise 20 here.

Self-Expression of love through observation

This is an ongoing life exercise. If you have undertaken the first 19 exercises, you will not only understand why, but you will want to do it regularly. But for now, over the next two weeks undertake this exercise whenever you have a negative or unkind thought, have said an unkind or negative word or engage in an unkind or exclusionary deed.

  1. Dare yourself to examine the thought, word or deed with a curious mind and change it to a kind / loving thought, word or deed.
  2. Dare to include all others as you lay the fears of your personal triggers aside and open to acceptance and love of Self and all others.
    • Example: I recently felt rage and anger towards someone. I judged their behavior as exclusive, unkind and unloving. I examined the thought, sent love their way and accepted their limiting human belief as I accepted my own. In so doing my negative feelings disappeared as I opened to love and I could send them a blessing in my prayers that night and show gratitude for my courage to love beyond my limiting beliefs.

Courageously embrace your daily practices that you have taken on during the year in exercises 13, 14, 15 and 16 as you Dare to Ask yourself to live each moment of your life with kindness and love.

And if you are feeling daring, send an open-hearted invite to a friend or family that you have had a long-standing feud with to dine at your table this festive season.

For those of you who are working with a friend or a group, take one last time to share with your group before closing out your year. Be sure to celebrate all that you have done in the name of Love. Click here for the link on how to go about this sharing with the group.

For those of you working on your own, take one last time to share with yourself before closing out your year. Be sure to celebrate all that you have done in the name of Love. Click here for the link on how to go about this sharing with yourself.

Until we meet again, enjoy this final exercise and keep your practices for integration alive as you celebrate the life you have been given. You have your full Dare to Ask Journey in your tool kit now, so use it at will.

While I contemplate what I will share with you next year, (I have no idea what form that will take yet!), have fun, show kindness in all that you think, say or do and Be Love.

If you have questions about opening to the essential peace of Life’s Purpose, either submit your question in the comments section below or in a private note here (link).

To my readers, family, friends and all other angels who have touched and continue to touch my life, Namaste, God Bless and thank you.

I love you all for your courage. May 2017 be a year of receiving and giving loving kindness.

As always, warm love and regards

Perfectly Imperfect Author and Speaker, Spiritual Revolutionary and Warrior of Self


Note on the content of my work

While I love attending various spiritual teachings in Churches, Temples, Synagogues, Universities and other institutions that don’t discriminate or judge the teachings of another, please note that my writings are non-denominational as I am of the belief that access to a spiritual life and a connection with God / Love / Universe / Source, call it what you will, is available to all and does not require a single or specific dogma. When I refer to or quote the work of any of the many great spiritual teachers, I do not advocate the teachings of one above the other; at the same time, I comfortably and openly have my favorites.


As a Spiritual Revolutionary, Jacqui Burnett Dares you to reboot your Spirit, to awaken your body, mind and soul, to Be Love in all that you Believe, Think, Say and Do.

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