There’s a Guru in My House

It has been a while since I have posted anything, as I chose to spend my free time over the last 12 months with my mother, who was living with stage 4 bone cancer. My mother, for me a master of how to Be Love, never let anything distract her from finding joy, even when she was experiencing debilitating pain.

A week before my mother passed over in my arms on the 3rd of January, she made me promise to get back to my writing. I took the time to grieve and get my life back on track. Mom, here’s to you as I dedicate all of my future writing to you.

Two years ago, while dealing with a personal challenge, my coach and spiritual teacher encouraged me to use my cat, Sophie, as a guide and a reminder of how to the live in the moment and the benefits thereof.

I confess that I learned a lot.

This morning as I watched Sophie, the little sun worshiper that she is, soaking up the first rays of the morning sun yet again, I decided to set myself a challenge for the next 21 days and reopen myself to this exercise, while we are all in lockdown.

Within an hour of making this decision, I received this MEME from someone dear to me. It’s a SIGN!

On a serious note, why should we not have a little bit of fun during this challenging time in the world, and continue to challenge our souls to learn and grow in the process, as we celebrate and show gratitude for all that we do have in each special moment of our lives?

So, over this period of lockdown, I will share from time to time what my little Guru has taught me.

In the meantime, why not Dare Yourself to find your guru during this time of change in the world, be it your spouse, partner, child, pet or even a tree or plant that you can see from your window.

With love and gratitude for your continued support.

Warm love and blessings to you all,