Dare to Be Love

There are only 2 ways to Be in Life.
To Be Love or Not!

Hi, I’m Jacqui Burnett and I Dare you to
Be Love in all that you BELIEVE, THINK, SAY and DO.

Dare to reboot your Spirit to awaken your
body, mind, and soul to consciously access a life of JOY.

Jacqui Burnett interviews Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen courageously talks about
dealing with Shame

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  • A year has passed for us all and I feel extremely privileged to be one of your 22,000 followers, your Dare to Ask topics are always so on the button and you have a gifted ability to enlighten your readers. Looking forward to that book.

    Paul McLaughlin
    Paul McLaughlin Owner of North Ridge
  • Jacqui comes up with innovative ways of engaging with people given that she is always aware of her surroundings. During her recent talk with the first years, she challenged them to think creatively and not be limited by any factors. I was moved to think differently and challenge my status quo.

    Chima Onwunta
    Chima Onwunta Deputy President, Olympus PSO 2016
  • Jacqui has come through some tough times, but has used them to build her humanity, resilience and wisdom. Speaking from her own experiences, she has a great deal to teach us all, and does so with grace and respect.

    Lindsay Ross
    Lindsay Ross Leadership Coach and Mentor
  • The mindfulness course I did with Jacqui was the most demanding / enlightening / uncomfortable / amazing thing I have ever done. Jacqui guided me through learning hard truths about myself and how I see the world and at the same time gave the support and kindness to make me feel comfortable and safe the whole time. I am going to try and take everything I learned with me. Thank you, Jacqui – what wonderful gifts you have given me.

    Kerry Van Graan
    Kerry Van Graan Better Earth
  • Jacqui's words motivate you to become a better person; to stay the course sailing life's river, on the winds of love. She inspired me to write a small piece myself and I've never written before in my life...And I put into words what I felt I'd learned. That the peace that is love is nature's sweet music of life! Sail on Jacqui and continue to spread the love!

    James USA
  • In Jacqui’s course, I learned tools to help me create a more substantial and regular meditation practice. I learned so much about myself and to recognize negative thought patterns. Meditation is not only about sitting on your cushion every day, but about being mindful in your daily interactions with your Self and others and how you relate to your mind, body, soul and most importantly your Spirit. This allows you to live a life of gratitude and compassion, which equals happiness. Thank you, Jacqui.

    Sonja McGillicuddy
    Sonja McGillicuddy Yoga Teacher and Dedicated Mother

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Dare to Be Love
Dare to Be Love
Dare to Be Love
Dare to Be Love

Your #daretobelove product is your moment to moment reminder that LOVE is a choice in everything you BELIEVE, THINK, SAY and DO.