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Workshops to ignite your Spirit to triumph over life's chaos and manifest real change.

Become a Spiritual Revolutionary and Manifest the Miracle of a Joy-Filled Life!

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The path from spiritual awakening to being able to manifest miracles comes in many forms and can be overwhelming at first. That’s why I’ve created an order of three workshops to get you from where you are currently in your life to where you want to be; the life that you dream of!

Miracle manifestation happens when you are connected to your Spirit, thereby allowing Universal Wisdom to work for you.
To fully access your super attractor power, I recommend following the natural order of the workshops. However, depending on where you are on your spiritual journey, each workshop can be done independently.
  1. Meet Your Spirit Workshop: This workshop guides you to Meet Your Spirit, the part of you that is beyond your body, mind and soul. Here you will learn what your Spirit is and how to access it. Beyond this, you will be guided to having a felt experience with your Spirit!
  2. Meditation for Spiritual Connection: Once you have met your Spirit, this meditation workshop grounds you into the felt experience of the four elements of Self (body, mind, soul and Spirit). Learn to practice the discipline to Access Your Spirit Daily, allowing Connection to flow naturally with Universal Wisdom in your everyday life.
  3. Miracle Manifestation Workshop: After learning how to connect with your Spirit, this workshop teaches you to access the wisdom, grace and courage gifted from Universal Wisdom so that the Spiritual Revolutionary within you can Work With Your Spirit to question and examine where your beliefs are lacking Love. With Love Infused Beliefs, Miracle Manifestation flows naturally!

Meet your spirit

The step before self-help.

Meet Your Spirit and Gift Yourself Understanding and Freedom!

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access your
spirit daily

Learn to access your Spirit daily, allowing for Universal Wisdom to flow naturally into your everyday life.

Develop a felt-practice of Spiritual Connection and Integration!

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work with
your spirit

Develop the practice to access the wisdom, grace and courage to question and then change your limiting beliefs into Love infused beliefs, to allow for miracle manifestation.

Reboot Your Spirit and Manifest a Joy-Filled Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!

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