Public Readings

Life’s Not Yoga, The Official Book Launch

Key note speaker, Andre Du Toit (The Big Positive Guy) interviews Jacqui Burnett at the official launch of her memoir, Life’s Not Yoga, and her journey as an author and speaker spreading the message on how to access the courage to Be Love to triumph over life’s chaos.

Soulful Series, with Annie Cathryn

Jacqui Burnett opens up about her life and her memoir, Life’s Not Yoga. Having lived through a traumatic childhood, divorce and nine near-death experiences, she wrote her memoir to make spiritual sense of her traumatic life. Annie Cathryn explores Jacqui’s thoughts, experiences and teachings, in order to figure out how we can Dare to Be Love!

Morning Live

Simphiwe Ncongwane questions Jacqui about her memoir, Life’s Not Yoga, trauma recovery and the Dare to Be Love Platform.

Life in a Garden, with Mandi Friedman

In this interview Jacqui answers the questions many readers want to know:

  1. Why is the book called Life’s Not Yoga?
  2. What has Jacqui’s relationship with her family been like since she published the book?
  3. How did she cope with the PTSD trauma from her nine near-death experiences?

Find out these answers, and more, as Mandi Friedman explores Jacqui’s character and tackles the issues Jacqui raises in her book: ‘Life’s not Yoga’.

The Extraordinary Achievers Show, With Lady Waynett Peters

Through analysing snippets of Jacqui’s book, as well as her life in general, Lady Waynett introduces listeners to Jacqui’s story, and her recovery from shame, guilt and blame.

How can you be love?

How can you be the change?

Jacqui speaks on how she has installed these teachings into her life, and how you can too.


CHAIFM’s Janice Leibowitz interviews Jacqui on ‘People of the Book’

Jacqui’s story really captured me. Her honesty and willingness to bare her soul, despite the fact that this often presents her in a less than favourable light, are refreshing.’ – Janice Leibowitz

Click to listen to the full interview

Rozanne Visagie reviews Life’s Not Yoga for Willow’s Corner

This is not a self-help book, this is a self-discovery book.

Life’s Not Yoga is eye-opening, emotional and empowering. You will not be left feeling the same after reading this book. Jacqui shows us the good and the bad of her life, and she decides to focus on the good. .’ – Rozanne Visagie

Click here to read the full review

‘This memoir is honest and beautifully written. This story is personal and when something is personal it’s not always comfortable and it takes strength to share your pain.’

Cape Town TV,
Open Studio

Thabang Segaecho questions Jacqui about her journey as an author, dealing with fear and why Jacqui called her memoir, Life’s Not Yoga.

Moyo Talks – The Heart Centre
Dare to Be Love: A Path for Spiritual Revolutionaries

Mark Bind in conversation with Jacqui on the topics of emotional abuse, shame, guilt and blame.

George Taylor address the topic of Suicide Ideation with Jacqui

George Taylor, from Gramersi in London, interviews Jacqui about her book, Life’s Not Yoga, dealing with suicide ideation, healing from trauma, what it means to be a Life Coach and the journey of writing a book.

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