Meet Your Spirit Live Online Workshop with Jacqui

The Step Before Self-Help 🦋

Learn how to connect with your Spirit beyond body, mind and soul. When working from Spirit the journey with growth flows naturally.

As human beings of body, mind, soul and Spirit, we all have the ability to fully access Universal Spirit. However, without a connection to our own Spirit, our inner and outer self-work is merely an ego narrative from the lower levels of self, in body, mind and soul.

An integrated Spirit allows us to access the courage and compassion required to question the quality and structure of our beliefs. Working from Spirit allows us to truly heal physically, mentally and emotionally when doing self-help work, thereby bringing peace and harmony to the world as well.

Meet Your Spirit and Gift Yourself the Joy You Deserve!

Join an intimate group for a scheduled live online workshop with Jacqui and meet your Spirit with a group of like-minded individuals.

This package includes a 2-hour live session followed by time for a Q&A.

On workshop completion you will receive the following tools and material to help you remember and celebrate this enlightening experience:

  1. A PDF summary of the key elements of the workshop.
  2. Free journal pages to assist you in staying connected to your Spirit.
  3. A free meditation to start your day connected to body, mind, soul and Spirit.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Workshop Testimonials

What workshop participants said after meeting their Spirit.

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