Dunbar’s Bicycle

A poem by Jacqui Burnett. "Reconnecting with my inner child allowed space for Self-Love, love for others and unconditional love from the Universe and all others."

Dunbar's Bicycle

Dunbar’s Bicycle

I’m on Dunbar’s bicycle.
It’s orange.

Following Julia
it’s been 30 years
since I pedaled a bike.

As if for a child
she cares for my safety.
I bask in this love.

The cool air on my face
I look up
at the soft white clouds.

As if painted in the mind of a child
I shout out
Julia, “Look up at the colors,
the sky,
it’s blue.”

 We laugh
out loud.

 Our inner child
freely speaks.

Copyright© Jacqui Burnett 2014

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This poem is dedicated to all my amazing friends. Thank you for being you. Thank you for your unconditional love and support.

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