A poem by Jacqui Burnett. "The miracle of nature knows no boundaries, in the same way that the miracle of love has none, once fully connected with Self."

IMG_1510 (1)Miracle Madness

As I ran for cover
sped off was my lover
for refuge from the miracle madness.

Fifteen minutes before
the heat was the core
for the change to miracle madness.

Black as the night
the clouds rolled with delight
to perform this miracle madness.

Hail pelted around
bringing leaves to the ground
exploding in the miracle madness.

As if snow on the ground
hailed for beauty and sound
I watched the miracle madness.

Art performed by the hum
of God’s African strum
the beat of miracle madness.

Wet to the bone
I shivered to the tone,
for my love of the nature;
of a miracle,
and its madness.

Copyright© Jacqui Burnett 2015

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