Ode to a Ditch Digger

A poem by Jacqui Burnett. "There is no form of separation once twin souls collide."

You're Perfect

Ode to a Ditch Digger

It had to be done
this time together
this time apart
it simply had to be done.

I feel the warmth of the sun
softly stroke my shoulder
as I turn to gaze at you sleeping
the rays caress your sweet scarred face.

I watch you lying there
breathing deeply
at peace like a child
you bask in the knowing of love.

I do not judge you
as I witness your tears for the child that was
your pain exposed
your story comes alive.

I know your story as I was there
twin souls united in suffering
free from shame we can be ourselves
safe as we are meant to be.

Does it really matter
that nobody asked if it could be different
as brave young souls
I sense we would have lied anyway.

Yes we matter
but our story is no different from theirs
for they too suffer
that is why they never dared to ask.

Fear blinds them from themselves
so they cannot see
the wisdom that knows
as Spirits we are all one.

Copyright© Jacqui Burnett 2016

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