Why LOVE Matters

I trust that you have had a wonderful start to 2017.

I certainly have, partly as I am actively practicing finding love in every second of my life, be it when I am stuck in traffic or caught up in a long queue, already running late for my next appointment.

To be aware that it is always a choice to Dare to Ask yourself to find love in the moment is much easier than you think.

It can take on the form of children giggling in the long queue, immersing myself in watching a shop assistant love their job, looking at a beautiful tree, or a magnificently designed car, or even marveling at all the different car designs available when stuck in traffic.

I have found that the gift of this knowing feeds my Spirit with the energy of a child as it puts a joyous spring in my step each day.

I thought I would share a fun-filled story of an experience I had recently.

In pursuit of a new suitcase, I walked into a luggage retailer here in South Africa.

The store also stocked beautiful handbags and wallets. As I was admiring a handbag, I heard a customer ask the shop assistant, “Is this wallet big enough to fit Sterling notes.”

There was a moment’s silence. Then with a note of alarm, I heard the shop assistant say, “You want to know if that wallet will fit stolen notes in it?”

The next second we had all erupted in laughter. It was such a sweet magical experience as we all realized the assistant had misunderstood the customer.

In a moment that we too often refer to as a “mistake”, love and laughter were born.

Considering this, my Dare for today is to remember that in each precious moment of our lives we can find love, be it in a ’mis-take’ or a pain story, as opposed to holding onto a negative story of blame, guilt or shame.

I had such a magical experience with complete strangers and continued to feel their joyous energy of love with me as I journeyed through the rest of my day.

Over the course of last year, I gave you the full content of the Dare to Ask Journey with all 20 exercises. If you missed out on the beginning, you can start again here. (Link)

For the rest of this year I will be focusing on finishing my book and seeking a publisher while staying in touch with all of you by sharing stories of “Why Love Matters” and in the process Daring you to Ask yourself to find love and be love wherever you are.

I love you for your courage and for knowing that kindness/love is always a choice.



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