What’s LOVE got to do with living a Conscious Life?

While thinking about a story to share about Truth this month, I have noticed old stories pressing through based on recent contact with an ex-boyfriend and a pain story to do with a relative. These stories pressed on emotions of anger and I noticed the desire for revenge build up in me. As I became conscious of these negative thoughts, I once again knew that I needed to surrender my anger to Love so I could open to something right in front of me in the present moment.
I did this consciously in my prayer practice last Thursday as I Dared to Ask for the message, the gift of Love no matter the niggle, the irritation or the trigger in my desire to lash out at these 2 people.
And this is what happened on my yoga mat the very next morning. The studio that I prefer to practice at is experiencing a building renovation in the restaurant above it. The studio owner had notified us of this possible discomfort, and as I walked in she mentioned that the noise over the past week had indeed been unpleasant, but that the builders seemed motivated to complete the project in the two-month deadline.
I found my space on the floor with my mat and meditated for 10 minutes before class started. Within a short period of time, we were in child’s pose and just then the sound of a chisel breaking into concrete started right above my head. I noticed my thoughts travel immediately to the typical space of frustration, irritation and trigger:
‘This dreadful noise really is inconsistent with a yoga class!
As I witnessed the negative thought arise, I consciously chose to access the grace that we all have to connect with the Spirit of who I am, and I asked my inner wisdom to let go of the negative thoughts. I then looked for courage and dared to ask myself to open to Love in the present moment.
Through my practices to Be Love I have come to realize that when connected to the Spirit of who we are, our individual creativity and genius is at its most powerful. As I surrendered my body to the flow of my teacher’s instruction, so I allowed my soul and mind to surrender to my Spirit and the flow of Love.
In doing so, it occurred to that this noise of a chisel and concrete could just as easily have been that of Michelangelo as he chipped away all that was needed to reveal his imagined statue. As I chipped away at my own negativity to find the beauty and flow of the moment, I imagined this energy being transported to the chisel and concrete above me.
With this I started to imagine the flow of energy from the hands of the laborer as he went about his day to perform the job that lay ahead of him. I wondered if he was breaking old tiles, or creating a path way in the concrete for new wires to be laid.
As the noise of other workers banging and moving stuff around came into my space, I imagined the beautiful restaurant that they were creating together. I imagined the families, friends and lovers wining and dining around the tables in a few months. And then I took a moment to thank the workers for their skill and yes, even their noise, as I sent a Blessing of Love for their good health and well-being on this building renovation.
Dare to Be LoveBefore I knew it, my class was coming to an end and my teacher sang and chanted for us in Sanskrit. While I couldn’t understand a word of what she was saying, I noticed that I could no longer separate the beauty of her voice from the humming of the “noisy” machines and tools upstairs.
Combined in the Universal Spirit of Love, they had now blended together perfectly and Love was born in the magnificence of ‘what is’.
On days when I am feeling triggered, angry, frustrated or fractured due to my choices, I welcome my role as a student of life. After my yoga session, it was easy to integrate the ‘noise’ of my frustrations with my ex-boyfriend and relative within me in a way that left me at peace with my present moment.
It is after all, the pain journey of knowing that we are all students and that we can learn, grow, share and teach in every situation in life when present with our Spirit through Love. For our greatest gift is knowing we are undivided and connected through Love in our shared humanity.
Until next month when I address the topic of True Will, stay present, stay awake and continue to Dare to be Love in each waking moment of your life.
As always, warm love and regards
Perfectly Imperfect Author and Speaker, Spiritual Revolutionary and Warrior of Self

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